apinkeye - Environmental Artist From Warrington

Extract from the apinkeye story

River Mersey seemed to open up and come alive. It twisted like a giant green and blue snake, glistening and gliding through the industrial landscape dodging and weaving until it disappeared with birds skimming the river in a poetic dance’

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Wecome to home of apinkeye a North West of England artist based in Warrington, who has gained a vast range of skills. As a artist, I work hard to develop works of art, that speaks both to me and others about the beauty that exists all around us.

The Pink Eye came about through missed opportunity from the local council who couldn’t see the benifit of having a marine mural next to a river in a industrial setting. Sending a positive message about our environment and at the same time brightening a scuffy corncete building.

Covid 19 has become a pandemic the causes are clear

Natural habitats are being reduced, causing species to live in closer quarters than ever to one another and to humans. As some people opt to invade forests and wild landscapes due to business interests and others at the other end of the socioeconomic spectrum are forced to search for resources for survival, we damage the ecosystems, risking that viruses from animals find new hosts – us.

Given our interconnected and ever-changing world, with air travel, wildlife marketing and changing climate, the potential for further serious outbreaks remains significant. Pandemics are, therefore, often a hidden side effect of economic development and inequalities that can no longer be ignored. In other words, just as carbon is not the cause of climate change, it is human activity – not nature – that causes many pandemics.

Nature should be part of the solution.

This Coronavirus crisis has demonstrated our socioeconomic system’s inherent vulnerability to shocks. As businesses assess how to emerge from this crisis and governments devise stimulus packages to rebuild the economy, such actions need to be carefully determined. The decisions made on how to stimulate growth and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic will determine the future health, wellbeing and stability of people and the planet.

Maybe the eye with a tear was telling us something!